How to Compliment a Guy and Make His Heart Melt 11 Examples You Can Use!

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She could say I look hot or sharp, but when she says “that shirt, that tie, that jawline. You’re lucky we have somewhere to be…”, now THAT makes me feel great. Girls tell me I am handsome or cute a lot but never call me sexy or hot and it bums me out. Tell a guy you’re attracted to he is hot or sexy, we want you to objectify us. Keep it short with perfect one-word compliments and find him happy.

Sure, he seems to exude confidence, but it can’t hurt to let him know you admire his fashion sense. Who doesn’t like to feel appreciated? As long as the compliment is genuine and doesn’t feel fake, everyone appreciates being told they’re good at something… including men! Believe it or not, men love to hear compliments just as much as women do. So, whenever you see a man who excels at his job or is dressed for success, don’t forget to pay him a compliment. It’s free and pay dividends with your work relationships.

  • “Your passion and ambition are truly inspiring – it’s so admirable how hardworking and determined you are in achieving your goals.
  • Do not overdo it with compliments and lisp with a man like a five-year plan.
  • As long as you express love and appreciation in an attractive way, women will flock to you.
  • After all, you likely don’t pick deep friendships and relationships based solely on external appearances.

Charlotte Hilton Andersen, BS, MS, has been covering health, fitness, parenting and culture for many major outlets, both in print and online, for 15 years. She’s the author of two books, co-host of the Self Help Obsession podcast and also does freelance editing and ghostwriting. She has appeared in television news segments for CBS, FOX and NBC. Gen-X’ers will remember this favorite saying from the 1980s with fondness. Who didn’t plan their schedule around The Simpsons or at least make sure to record it on VHS?

When two people are in love, they can make everything memorable in this world, and complimenting and praising each other can be the purest form of love. Complimenting your boyfriend about each and every small detail can make him feel so special and happy. Complimenting your boyfriend on his dressing style is a great confidence booster. As much as I know guys, he’ll surely recall your compliment, everytime he wears that jacket. It’s so important to let people know about how important their existence is in our lives. If you feel like you’re the luckiest person to have him as your boyfriend, then start complimenting him about it.

Compliment a man about his personality

“Complimenting him on how well he is doing at work or in his career will cause him to swell with pride and increase his desire to work even harder.” Why not hit two birds with one stone and use the compliment as a way of starting the conversation?

If the guy you’re not interested in is sending you too many selfies, respond with this, and he’ll soon stop. If he didn’t send you a picture of himself in the hopes of you complimenting his outfit, he’ll be slightly disappointed that you didn’t mention how gorgeous he is. Even if you don’t actually have the intention of learning a language, being able to say hello to someone when you’r…

Compliments for Men on Their Personality

Complimenting your partner’s love-making is a great way to nurture intimacy and strengthen your bond. They’ll feel confident while having an intimate time with you, which will simply improve the quality of time you spend together. Every small detailed effort counts in a relationship. Instead of ignoring them, start appreciating your partner’s efforts with these sweet compliments. Communication is the key to working in all relationships. Start showing him that you trust him, and that’s a relief for guys.

Your ability to feel so much is a gift. It means the world to all of us, even if we don’t say it often enough. I am grateful for how you show up for me physically, emotionally, and spiritually—you’ve always got my back.


All the comments below are as easily compliments for girls as they are for guys. Try some of the compliments below, and you’re sure to be getting more from the guys you talk to immediately.

However, women react extremely negatively to the same kinds of comments and solicitations from men. Even if you think you wouldn’t mind being catcalled, odds are that women would beg to differ.

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